5 thoughts on “Unknown pupils at William Newton School

  1. In the bottom picture right in the middle of the greoup middle row, the girl with extra long hair and blazor is Joanne Barker. She lived 2 doors away from me on Darlington Lane, left hand side going uptp the Milehouse pub. Number 183


  2. If I may make a comment although the year is not early enough for me to recognise anyone, but certainly Long Hair and Mini Skirts were in at the time.


  3. I recognise some faces but unfortunately not names. I must have known them at Norton High Street Junior School in the 2 years I was there. (Sarah Sheraton)


  4. I am sat next to Miss Bennet on the bottom picture. My name was Helen Pybus I am sat on the right side of Miss Bennet. Names I can remember are Judith Petty, Laura Brown, Gillian Lockwood, Yvonne Bailes, Elaine Simpson ,Karen Green, Angela Lesley Richardson, Janice Sunley, Joanne Barker, Pauline Hall, Jane Paxton, Marilyn Duff, Carol Howe, Lesley Daniels, Margaret Instone, Gail Coulson, Marion Crawford and Sharon Scott – those are the ones I can remember. 1970 might be the year not sure left school in 1972. We will all be 60 in the next year.


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