Unknown Local Club and People

t14534I’m not sure where this photograph was taken, probably one of the local clubs in the Stockton area. Seated second and third from the right are my parents Eileen and Tommy Johnson. Does anyone know the other people in the photograph?

Photograph and details courtesy of Wendy Cawley.

5 thoughts on “Unknown Local Club and People

  1. The lady 5th from the right looks to be Frances Brydon (nee Johnson) and the lady to her left could be her sister Maud(e) but not sure. The chap 1st on the right looks to also be a Johnson


  2. Hi Wendy, Although I can’t name any of the people in the photo I think you will find this was taken in the old RAFA Club that was situated on Bridge Road, Stockton, now long gone. I have a similar photo, same background same tables etc. taken there of my late brother Eric, who was ex RAF, and party in the late 50s. hope this helps.


    • Just to add to my comment and although I do not know his name, the gent stood on the left of the photo with the bow tie is also in the photo that I have, verifying the location as the Royal Air Force Association Club in Stockton.


  3. From their dress, I think it’s unlikely to have been taken in a local club. Dinner Dances were very popular in the 50s/60s and this might have been taken an hotel in the Stockton /Darlington area? But I have a very similar photo taken at The Coatham, Redcar in the late 50s.


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