A play in the school yard, Bowesfield Lane Girls School c1950s

These photographs were from Miss Margaret Petty, our teacher at Bowesfield Lane Girls School. Taken during the late 1950s.

First Photograph: Alwyn Brand, ??, Rosie Sanders (Policeman), Sheila Ellis (seated)

Second Photograph: Alwyn Brand, ??, ??, Susan Dumont

Third Photograph: Alwyn Brand, ?? , Gloria Davies, Rosie Sanders, ??, ??

Fourth photograph: ?? , me (Pam Dinsdale, dressed as a man), Susan Dumont

Photographs and details courtesy of Pam Painter.

5 thoughts on “A play in the school yard, Bowesfield Lane Girls School c1950s

  1. I was wondering is Miss Petty the same one that taught at the Billingham Campus Stephenson Hall from 1958, if it is and she is still around she may be interested in a school reunion on the 21st of November in Billingham, there are to be four teachers attending that taught from 1958 onwards their names are Landells, Barker, Wood and Crozier.


  2. Pam – I’m the scallyway being arrested in the third photograph. Eva Blackwell (now Bowes) the “guy” with the cigarette is Eleanor Preston, with Brenda Hammond just at the edge of the photo.

    The third person in the second photo is Gwen Conlin, can’t remember the name of second person either!


    • Hi Eva, I do sometimes see you in Stockton market but don’t think you recognise me! I’ll have to say hello next time I’m over there. Amazing to reflect on these times isn’t it. Susan


      • Hi Susan,
        Sorry I haven’t recognised you, please do so hello next time. I think we did meet once in Sainsburys quite a few years ago. I often see Pam (Richmond) in town and occasionally Brenda Hammond, but that’s about all. The photos of the plays really do bring school life back. Eva


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