12 thoughts on “Chinaware Stall, Stockton Market c1962

  1. Lovely pictures of the market, if I wasn’t getting the No.8 bus home at lunchtime from my job at M.Robinson and Sons now Debenhams (the Credit Office) I would have a wander around. I remember the weighing machine in the market, before working. Loved the market on Saturday’s with the Pikelet man outside Woolworth’s – all great memories!


  2. Guessing, I’d say that that this chinaware market stall is erected very close to Harry Marsh Biscuit stall pitch, and yards from the “Guess Your weight Scales Man”. Harry Marsh’s Biscuit Stall was the oldest stall on Stockton Market and had been trading since the 1930s, first by Mr Harry Marsh himself, then continured by his nephew Norman Hudson, Thornaby, who retiredStockton most famous market stall 28 November, 2009. Harry Marsh sold biscuits, sweets, cakes and confectionery, his stall was well known for its wide selection of “designer broken biscuits”, sold in a huge bag for 1/-.


    • My g/father Jackson Walker Market Gardner started his business up in 1910 which include his land at Norton and the stall in the Market. This was in the region of Harry Marches biscuits.


  3. The middle picture, showing the backs of two ladies with headscarves walking is my mother in the darker coat on the left of the two. The other is possibly my grandmother. Jean Moody and Margaret Worsnop.


  4. Does anyone know who ran this stall? I know my great aunt Ethel and her husband and I think her sister Elsie ran a China stall in the market. I remember visiting as a child a house full of breakables, in other words be well behaved no running around. They had curly wurlys in to give us 🙂


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