2 thoughts on “South African War Souvenir

  1. The locomotive used for bringing the coal trucks from the main line into Stockton Gas Works was named Buller presumably after General Sir Redvers Buller VC.. He was unfairly blamed for engagements which did not turn out as well as hoped towards the end of the Boer War, and after disagreements with Lord Roberts was sacked from the Army.


  2. The chap on the white horse is Field Marshall Roberts largely credited with bringing the war to a successful conclusion from a British point of view. The person on his left is Robert Baden-Powell who achieved huge fame with his defence of Mafeking. This led to tremendous celebrations throughout the country and a new word ”to Maffick” which meant to party in excess. A few years later Baden-Powell founded the Scouting movement

    The general on the right, with the flat hat, is General Redvers Buller. There is a large statue of him astride a horse in his home town of Exeter.


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