Unknown Football Team c1937

t14594I’m not sure whether this is a Thornaby Football Team or a Head Wrightson’s Football Team. My father-in-law Thomas Heslop, back row, right hand-side and Tommy Winn, middle row left are the only two I can name c1937.

Photograph and details courtesy of Judy Heslop.

8 thoughts on “Unknown Football Team c1937

  1. Does anyone have any info please on George Ord Maughan, he worked at Head Wrightsons and was also involved with Thornaby Football Team in the 1930s?


  2. The player far right middle row is John Hodgson who worked at Head Wrighsons which leads me to believe it is a Head Wrightson team because John and his brother Ernie lived in Parkfield and John played for Stockton at some time. They were my mothers brothers. Peter Stainthorpe


  3. Mike will know the history, I’m not up on it like he is. My Grandad and his Dad were brothers, parents were Kate Smith and Cuthbert Heslop. I don’t think we are related to Kenny Heslop, although they did call my Dad that. He came to Canada in 1957.


  4. Hi Judy.
    Where Toms parents william & Isabella Whitfield.
    Was Thomas born 1910.
    If so you,me & Susan from the earlier comment are related
    Cheers mike. Canada


  5. Hi Judy, not sure if we are related? My Dad was Ken Heslop, from Parkfield, son of William and Mary Alice Heslop. He was a town councilor in the 50’s.


    • Sorry, I don’t think so. Tommy Heslop was Thomas William, as was his father before him, they were from New street in Thornaby, both worked at Head Wrightson’s, fifty years each .Thomas senior got what he thought was a gold watch, turned out to be brass . slave labour in those days . My hubby just said his grandad was from crook or Bishop Auckland, but you never know they could be related way back. thanksfor reply judy

      Hi Susan , Judy here again . my husband Keith used to do drawings for builders Kenny Heslop of Thornaby, no relation to us maybe you are from that family he also had a son Kenny who is still trading in Thornaby


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