Skating on Ropner Park, Stockton

t14509Grangefield Grammar School Boys – Peter Dodds helping Tony Scott to stay upright while skating on Ropner Park. Tony became famous as the director of the movie Top Gun. His brother, now, Sir Ridley Scott was also at the school for a while.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alan Callendar.

7 thoughts on “Skating on Ropner Park, Stockton

  1. Tony Scott went to Rosebank High School in Hartlepool, I played rugby with him and I have some school photos. The scarf that he is wearing is that of Rosebank High School.


    • Martin,
      Sorry, I did not mean to say that Tony went to Grangefield. Peter Dodds in the photo went to Grangefield. The common ground was that we played rugby together at Stockton RFC.


        • Tony Scott did indeed go to Rosebank High School and after, played for Stockton RFC Colts team (1963 – 4 ish), at scrum-half as I remember. (I played in the same colts team… We got beaten in the Lormer Cup competition final, two years in succession) He started his “film making career” , in London, in about 1964/5 making adverts, with his brother, for ITV. At this time, commercial TV was taking off in a bigway


          • What I should also have said in my previous comment is that I attended Grangefield, representing them at rugby in the years covering 1956- 1961


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