5 thoughts on “St. John’s Crossing c1962

  1. On the opposite side of the road from these gates there used to be; Stockton bus sheds and a coal yard (on the Thornaby side to the left) to the right and further up the road was an working railway parcel office complete with drive in goods yard, why I’m mentioining this is because the parcel office brickwork and architectural style of it, are very similar to the old building shown in this photograph? so it could well be a disused railway company building and store, maybe where they kept the old puffer train often seen running up and down on these rail tracks then, the land on which the chimney stack is stood (shown) later became a well known wood yard.


    • That building was the old Head Wrightson’s Office, I remember an interview with Mr Sheperd or Sheperdson? that would be early 1950 he was a bit miffed that I did not want a job as I accompanied a lad who did, it should have struck him I was in uniform. They were wanting Boilermakers at the time. There seemed to be a constant movement of boilermakers from Heads to Ashmores and Back again as contracts came and went or one offered two pence an hour more than the other, I had been a Template maker they were in demand. Now they feed a computer and it does the work.


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