School Boys Badge

t14596This is a photograph of the badge presented to schoolboys and youths on winning a Durham County Youths Athletics event in the Annual Durham County Youths Athletics meeting. This particular one was held at the Billingham sports fields in 1952 and the badges were presented by Lord Londonderry.

This Badge was for the 440 Yards sprint event. I am sure there are many Stockton Winners one who comes to mind is Frank Scott, a mile distance competitor. Are there any other Stockton Athletes out there who either won or competed in these Sporting meetings? I have a friend in Australia from Billingham, George Haxby who I know competed in these Meetings as a distance runner. I wonder if this event is still competed for.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

One thought on “School Boys Badge

  1. Remembering these Athletics meetings brought back memories of the previous years meeting in 1951 I remember looking at the field for the mile event and the previously mentioned Frank Scott was in the field, Frank being a well known local mile athlete looked to me like the likely winner, so I decided to keep as close to Frank as I could and maybe get a place. Over the last fifty yards or so we were both passed by another athlete so we both missed out on winning but I think we were placed…Happy memories of a long gone era.


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