ICI Long Service Awards, October 1963

A programme of events for an ICI Long Service Awards presentation night. This took place on 31st October 1963. I’m assuming the event was held at the Billingham Arms but the programme doesn’t say so.

ICI certainly pushed the boat on these occasions with an excellent menu and a selection of turns for entertainment. Transport was laid on to make sure everyone got home safely.

Amongst those receiving his 30 years service award was my grandfather Jimmy Wright from Wolviston. When he retired in 1970 he had completed 37 years service with the company. He would be amazed to know that within 40 years ICI had largely disappeared from the Teesside area.

Images and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

7 thoughts on “ICI Long Service Awards, October 1963

  1. I had a grandad Tommy Alba Patterson who got his 30 years award in 1957 I still have his watch in excellent condition not sure how to put a picture on here though


  2. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. My grandfather Jos Sheraton worked for ICI for many years; I don’t know how many exactly but he did receive his and hers engraved watches as recognition of his long service… he retired from ICI in 1964, a year after this.


  3. I have a similar programme for the long service awards dated October 20th 1960. That evening my father received his 30 years service award, it was a watch he passed on to me. One of the entertainers on that occasion was comedian Norman Evans, well known for his over the garden wall sketches. Les Dawson later used a similar character in his TV shows.


  4. These dinners were always held in the ICI Staff Canteen on Belasis Avenue , next to the Synthonia Club , and if you look closely at the programme page in mentions the canteen on there.
    Actually it was much more than your average works canteen and during my time at ICI Billingham it was always known as the ICI restaurant with both food and service which was probably unrivaled by any other similar company ?
    I don’t recognise any of the names in the list of those attaining 30 and 40 years service but I’m pretty sure the Henderson, SW will be Stan Henderson who was my tutor in the Apprentice Engineering School in 1975-76 . He was an ‘old school’ foreman , a fitter by trade , and returned to the main site after his time in the apprentice school and was in charge of the ‘Tool and Lifting Gear Store’ before his retirement . He was a very nice man and we all got off to a very good start within ICI under his leadership .


  5. Martin, those events were always in the main club on Belasis Ave, and were indeed wonderful nights. It would be a dress up night for recipients and their partners always with free drinks at the beginning of the night and wine at the table. Management Supervision and the people getting awards sat at mixed tables, all were equal on the night. The meal was always brilliant, entertainment also followed by dancing in the main hall.
    The club was damaged by a bomb during the war and was not repaired until well after so you could be right about where this presentation was held in later years they would be in the club.


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