Alf Huggins, Councillor for Mandale Ward

t14603This is a photograph of my dad, Alf Huggins. I think it was taken just after he was elected as independent Councillor for Mandale ward in Thornaby. Dad is top right, below dad is Councillor Joe Collinson, next to him I think is Mr Littlefair. I don’t know the man top left. The photograph was probably taken late fifties or early sixties…

Photograph and details courtesy of Judy Heslop.

9 thoughts on “Alf Huggins, Councillor for Mandale Ward

  1. The man top left looks remarkably like Fred Butler, Barry Butlers father. Barry played for Norwich and Sheffield Wednesday. The Butler family lived in Wren St. Oxbridge, and the only connection I can think of is that their next door neighbour was called Huggins, and the name Brian springs to mind.


    • Granville I worked with a chap called Brian Huggins at Hills. In his younger days was a keen cyclist with Stockton Wheelers and also a keen pigeon fancier. Do you think this would be the same Brian that you knew? He died some years ago but would have been 85 now.


      • Yes Bob that sounds about right on the age in particular. I think he was an only son, though I am talking about the forties.


  2. The man in front of Alf (your dad) is Dick Roberts (my dad) the other man in front is Tommy Munroe, but like you I don’t know the name of the man at the back next to Alf although his face is familiar. It was some time ago.


        • Peter Armstrong was also a brickie who was based next door to George the belt man, both were great chaps who would do anything to help you.


        • I worked with him at the Friarage in Yarm 1957-ish. He was a character. At that time he was a charge hand brickie. When we were travelling to and from the Friarage in the works vehicles he would now and again push the drivers hat over his eyes or the driver who had been a prisoner of war, Dickie would stamp on the floor as if it was gunfire and the driver would react to this.


  3. I think Joe Collinson was Mayor of Thornaby at one time or had been given Freedom of the Borough. I seem to remember a photo of him in some sort of regalia i.e. chains of office and cloak. My mum was supposed to be copying it for an oil painting but I don’t think she ever finished it.


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