Greeting Card c1926

t14575This was taken in Palm Terrace in High Clarence in 1926 and shows my Grandmother, Emma Leek and my Mother Margaret Rose, later Coleman, I think it is a interesting piece of social history, at that time there were many travelling photographers doing this sort of work, I don’t know if using photos as greeting cards was a common thing to happen, I don’t recollect ever seeing anything similar to this before, it also shows that even working class people could still afford such things, admittedly my Grandfather after leaving the RAF worked his whole life in ICI and they lived a comfortable life. As an aside many people in Billingham will know my Mothers Brother David Leek, he had the hardware shop in Mill Lane for many years.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “Greeting Card c1926

  1. My recollection as someone beginning to live permanently in London, is that this was quite an innovation at the time for libraries. It was one of things which made me wonder whether I had made the right choice in where to live..


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