Lucan Street – Blackpool Illuminations Trip c1960

t14623This photograph was taken outside the Guest in Blackpool around 1960. The trip was organised by Annie and Bella Ward who lived in No 4. Lucan Street. Stood at the back on the step is my mother May Millward and my sister Gwen in front of her to her left and Rita Anderson my sister to the right.  Annie Ward is in the front row middle alongside Mr Wardle who owned the coach which took us there. There are members of many families from the street including the Lamberts who lived in No 11. Can anyone recognise any one else in the photograph?

Photograph and details courtesy of David Millward


7 thoughts on “Lucan Street – Blackpool Illuminations Trip c1960

  1. I lived in Lucan Street born there in 1949 and lived there till demolished in the late 60s remember the Wards, Millwalls, and the Lamberts.


  2. Mary Atkinson is the lady 2nd row, 4th from left. The smaller lady to her left is Dot Williams, Mary was from Alviston Road, Norton .


  3. The lady sat down behind the driver Wilf Wardle is Mrs Williams, the guy standing on the left whose head is behind Dave Bodley is Brian Taylor who was Mrs Mole’s grandson, they were also from Byron St., left of Brian is Ann Bailey & her mother is front-row left. The lady front-row right with the little girl is Ivy Jackson from Dobbing St., the girl behind her was from Exeter St. The guy behind Tom Brockbank is Smiles & the guy to the right is Jackson who were both from Dobbing St. This photo has a strong connection with Norton Road Congregational Church’s Boys & Girls Brigade in Alma St.


  4. Mr Wardle is the brother of Donny Wardle the milkman from Norton. Mr Wardle at that time would be living in Greylands Avenue. He did marry a gwoman called Freda Ventress. His son worked with me as a joiner at Hills door factory.


  5. The lady with the monkey next to Mr Wardle is Katie Duffy from Byron Street. Katie was the sister of Annie and Bella Ward. Annie Bella and Katie were members of my family.


  6. Second-row, 2nd from left is Mrs Mole who was married to Barny who played football for Newcastle & Burnley, 3rd with the hat on is Mrs Bulmer whose family had the paper rounds in the Gashouse area, they were from Byron Street, the lad 4th from the right is Tom Brockbank & 5th is his wife whose maiden name was Murphy the sister of Terry & Tommy. The tall guy behind the Lamberts girl (with the cowboy hat) is her husband Dave Bodley who lived in the Turks Head pub, he was on the Football League’s list of officials.


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