5 thoughts on “Smith Street Demolition

  1. My brother and I went to see the house before they decided to pull it down. It was sad to know the history of our family, how they worked from dawn to dust to keep the family going. A history that will be close to our heart and life. I hope my brother Alan Ayre has kept me a brick from the building. As I’m in Perth Australia visiting my daughter and grandchildren, sad to see it on my wife’s phone.


    • Tony. My maternal Grandmother was Lizzie Ann Doughty (b. 3.9.1884), formerly Prest. Her Mother was Mary Ayre (b. 19.4.1849), daughter of Thomas Ayre, a Brass Finisher, and granddaughter of William Ayre, a Tallow Chandler. It was William who ran the Chandler’s business from this property in Smith Street. According to ‘Wikitree’, the 1851 Census records Thomas Ayre living in Smith Street ‘with a large family’, although I only know of Robert, Hannah Kendrick and Mary (above). Thomas would be born around the first decade of the 19th Century and William’s date of birth would then be around 1780 at a guess. Bad enough to see a distinctive property being demolished, rather sad when you know your ancestors once lived there.


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