9 thoughts on “Metropole Hotel, Stockton c1969

  1. The cellar bar in the Metropole, it was a good standard hotel, very welcoming. My mother, Lily Blakemore managed the Cellar bar and looked after the young people who frequented the place It was the start of the hippy years and a great time to go through our teenage years, the music that was coming out of the U.K. at the time was the best ever. It makes the music the kids are listening to today sound quite infantile.


  2. My Mum worked in the Metropole in the evenings during the late 1950s while I was left home alone listening to the Light Programme because we couldn’t afford a television. Am I right in thinking there was a bar at the side called The Buttery or something like that? I am sorry to hear from John Callender that it was demolished.


  3. My mums got beams and light fittings out of the Met in her living room, so she says, when they knocked it down they were rescued…


  4. I guess this is why the bar now on the site of the Metropole was renamed The Met @ Stockton! (former Walkers/Lasers etc.) Didn’t click till Maureen called it the Met! doh!


    • My first job was in the Met. I loved eve hour. Great bar staff. Edna May, Bridde Case, and a very nice cleaner – Maggie Baldwin, who I thought the world of. I felt sorry for her, a good grafter on very little money. |I used to give her potatoes, eggs, bread etc. to take home.


  5. First pub I ever went in down the town. I seem to remember there were lots of different bars in different rooms. I was only about 15 or 16 but my mate was older and after being turned down in a couple of the bars we eventually found one that would serve us so I hid in a corner somewhere while he bought the drinks. We never got a second one though as we were spotted by someone who knew we were not old enough and escorted out. Never went in again as by the time I was of drinking age I think it had been demolished.
    John Callender.


    • I remember it well the Blue Room at the Met. We often went in like you say, I was underage also, nobody bothered us. Does anyone remember the Astoria on a friday night? We used to get the O BUS to boro and walk back across the wilderness home, happy days


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