3 thoughts on “Outside Harewood Garage, Thornaby

  1. I worked as an apprentice and qualified after 6 years of college forced on me by Alf, best thing anyone had done for me! Major changes during my times there new workshop, new showroom, fuel pumps revamped. During my time 1966-1973 there both young Bob and Keith Alexander came into the business. Mrs Alexander snr and my sister Sylvia Mayle ran the offices. At high tide the pits used to fill with the River Tees!! this was the apprentices first job to empty the pits by bailing out with buckets. The central heating in the workshops was a cast iron pot bellied stove you were only warm if you were only a foot away from it. Tea breaks spent sitting in circle around stove. People I remember are obviously Alf, Podge, George Hunt, Joe Hunt, Tommy Stanforth, Eric Stevenson, Dennis Lindow, Ken Twig he was the one who got hit by a hammer!! Two long standing friends Bob snr and Alf but it didn’t stop them having slanging matches with each other.
    I have one great recollection of Alf as my foreman when he gave me my first big job to do on my own. I had to remove all bolts to remove an engine and transmission, the bolts I put in neat piles and marked where they came from the next morning they were all in a box all mixed up without my notes and Alf said if you want to be good you have to have a memory. The best training I could ever have, I am still an engineer today because of Alf and Bob snr. encouragement and training. I am now 67 years old, as Ken said I also remember Alf unfolding himself from the minivan.


    • Thanks for that story Stan I remember Sylvia she used to live in Bassleton Court when we lived there, she was also in my hubbies class at school.


  2. The other chap in the photo is the foreman Herbert Ibbetson, Bob Alexander went onto open his own garage business in Trafalgar Street which is still going strong.


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