15 thoughts on “Unknown – any ideas?

  1. The chimney was Wilkinsons, a sheet metal workers/platers factory. It was just on the right as you were to walk over the bridge to Thornaby. The woodyard/manufaturers was
    Foster Brothertons and a coal yard now Bridge House.
    I think ;o)


  2. Looks like the Bargain Store was once mid-terrace between Wharf St. and Moat St.
    There’s a good view in the opposite direction here: https://picturestocktonarchive.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/unknown-church-building-stockton-c1974/

    Also a good view here if you zoom in:
    (including the chimney in the location described by Kevin)

    This must be one of the most re-hashed junctions in Stockton!


  3. I don’t know about the chimney but looking to the right of the photograph is where Matalan and Halfords are now over the roundabout on the left is where Mecca bingo now stands and if you were to turn left at that roundabout it would take you down to Portrack I believe as I seem to remember the discount store that is shown on the corner.


  4. Yes I agree with the comments,I worked in Boathouse Lane at Martins garage in the stores.I used to walk from the town to work and back to town when finished work.I remember J B Smiths wood factory on the left hand side of the goods yard,and the crossing at St Johns.Just as you approached Victoria Bridge the labour exchange and a pub were there and a bus depot in Boathouse Lane.Once again sadly everything has disappeared along with Stockton


  5. That is looking down Bridge Road towards St Johns Crossing. The Chimney is attached to the old Imperial Tramways power station. The goods station is out of shot, to the right


  6. Looks like the chimney is in the goods yard.
    The road running behind the Discount Centre is the Riverside road.
    The Discount Centre was demolished to make way for Holiday house (don’t know what it’s called now) was built around 1978, so I would say the pic was taken between 1972 (when the Riverside Road was built and 1978


  7. I believe this is the first of the major alterations where Bridge Road used to meet Parliament Street etc on the way to Thornaby. Late seventies or early eighties. Stockton Goods Yard was here, then Pickfords built a warehouse on the land, currently owned by Wynsor Shoes opposite Halfords etc.


  8. Hello Neal, This looks like Bridge Road at the bottom of Parliament Street looking towards Thornaby, the cobbled street looks like Villiers street which run along side Isaac Robson’s and the bargain store is where the multi storey riverside house now stands.


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