9 thoughts on “Above Yarm Road, Stockton

  1. The A135 road runs from the bottom centre of the picture South towards Eaglescliffe with the Stockton -Northallerton (Leeds Northern) railway parallel and to the right. From Hartburn Junction, near Ropner Park, the chord to Bowesfield and Thornaby curves across the picture, and the South chord from Bowesfield to Eaglescliffe is clearly seen, as is the alignment of the Bowesfield – Castle Eden Branch which disects the triangle from left to right. Not as easy to see but still visible is the short-lived south chord from Eaglescliffe to the Castle Eden Branch, and the former alignment of the Stockton and Darlington Railway where it deviated from the present South chord just before the A135 bridge to run to the East (left) of the A135 past Preston Park to Eaglescliffe. The Spring Street footbridge was a favourite place to watch the trains passing through the busy Hartburn Junction which was the start of the four-track section to Stockton Station. The track layout allowed freight trains to come off the Eaglescliffe line onto the goods lines to Stockton at the same time as passenger trains from Thornaby towards Stockton without a conflict..


  2. Steve… glad to hear it wasn’t just me having identification difficulties.
    I did make some sense out of the layout although it could be wishful thinking on my part. I took Yarm Rd as running N-S in the middle of the pic… the railway parallel over to the right. If we assume it is Ropner Park over there you see the Spring St. footbridge. The top line of the park would be Hartburn Ave and you can see the main park entrance there too.

    Its a shame that these pictures are being defaced with “Picture Stockton” in large white letters. A more discreet message would help.


    • The white building just below the ‘S’ in Stockton would be ‘The Eaglescliffe’ pub,
      and just over Yarm Road from it is the ‘Visqueen’ plant. I can’t seem to find Richardson Road where one of my best mates lived. This area has now greatly changed.


        • I think I’ve got it, is that Jacob’s shop on the corner? later to become a carpet shop. I remember a footbridge over the railway from the triangular field to reach Richardson Road. We walked that way from the Eaglescliffe pub.


          • The field you speak of Bill is at the back of a row of houses where my brother Brian lives on Yarm Road. We used to drink in the Eaglescliffe pub on a Friday night, many moons ago.


  3. I’m struggling to make any sense of this photograph. The park on the right is nowhere near big enough, to be Ropner. I’m not even sure that it actually is Yarm Road in Stockton as there is nothing in it that I can recognise. Could it be Yarm Road in Darlington?


    • The picture is looking south along Yarm Road, it only shows half of Ropner Park, including the Hartburn Ave entrance, the fountain and the bowling greens.

      Top Left is Ingleby Barwick, bottom left the Davy/Kvaerner buildings (now housing) , in the middle Preston Park and the river Tees, below that is Visqueen (now houses).


  4. I have great difficulty with aerial views…takes me ages to work out what’s what . That diagonal line of trees in the middle must have been the rail line off towards Thornaby that I remember from train-spotting on the Spring Street footbridge


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