Ken Sawyer 1927 – 2015

Sawyer 2We were saddened today to hear of the death of one of our regular contributors to the site.

Ken Sawyer was not only a great supporter of this site but someone who touched the lives of many of the people of Stockton. Having taught at Richard Hind school in the 1950s he will be remembered, not only for his devoted and caring teaching, but for his dedication to the development and coaching of the sports teams at the school.

Ken passed away last week, peacefully at home at the age of 88 – he will be sadly missed by many of our site visitors.  R.I.P. Ken.

18 thoughts on “Ken Sawyer 1927 – 2015

  1. Sad to learn of Ken Sawyer’s recent demise – he taught me Religious Knowledge at Richard Hind School and enabled me to pass the subject in my G.C.E.s, one of the 5 necessary for me to obtain my job in libraries, and to go on to qualify professionally. Thanks. Mr. Sawyer. I am 76, and was a mite surprised that a man who taught me was living as recently as December 2015.
    Leslie Meynell.


  2. Although not interested in sports, I knew Ken as the teacher of Religious Knowledge at Richard Hind and he also took the physical education lessons. I have had some correspondence with him in the last few years, as he was very pleased to hear what former pupils from Richard Hind were doing.

    I never knew Ken to resort to the “slipper”, on the backside, unlike his successor. Which tells one a lot about him as a really decent chap.

    Very sadly, Ken had ended up with a very painful and chronic condition of his legs, which seemed to leave him if not bed bound, very restricted in what he could do. There didn’t seem to be any satisfactory treatment. But he obviously remained mentally active to the end as his recent contributions to Picture Stockton on Stockton High Street, etc, showed. There are not many people left who have real memories of the pre war era and on that count alone ken will really be missed.


  3. Sad to hear of Ken Sawyers passing. A gentleman through and through, who gave his time to School Sports in many disciplines. He was Richard Hind Teacher but sports men and women from all Schools benefited from Kens enthusiasm and support. Without his involvement with Schools Sports many pupils would have missed out on organized Sport. Ken had others in the field like him and to mention Ray Irvine Of Newham Grange School, and Harry Rigg of Mill Lane School were members of a teaching group who gave their private time to organize School Sports. Our younger readers would know of many more teachers in this category. RIP Ken Sawyer.


  4. It’s a sad day for me to learn from brother Derek of Kenneth’s demise. I had emailed Kenneth just a few days ago, he having told me of his level of pain that day. He had endured them for a number of years, very painful as they were. Kenneth and I were close in age, and via Picture Stockton message postings we made contact frequently after some fifty-odd years of separation, he in the Midlands, and me in Western Canada.
    His passing leaves a great hole in my life because we can no longer swap our stories that reach back to pre-WWII days. Oh! how we enjoyed bringing up local anecdotes and events, together with historical notes of our favourite Stockton locales conjured up via Picture Stockton.
    RIP – I can now identify you as Dear Kenneth.


  5. I still remember his lessons although I left in 1967. He tried but had little to work with. He always gave 100 % to his pupils. R I P


  6. I have really enjoyed reading Ken’s comments on this site. So informative and interesting. In fact if I wanted to know anything specific, firstly I used to look to see if Ken Sawyer had written anything about it. I went to Richard Hind School but in the 70’s so didn’t have the pleasure of being taught by him


  7. Ken Sawyer came across as a gentleman who worked tirelessly for the pupils whether it be in Sport, or R.E and many other areas of school life when I attended R.H. from 1954 to 59. R.I.P. Ken.


  8. I didn’t like many of the teachers at Richard Hind, but I did like Ken. He was always interesting, and interested, and was a fair and pleasant teacher. Rest in peace, Ken.


  9. So sad to hear the news of Ken Sawyer. He was such a well liked teacher during my years at Richard Hind. I personally was always grateful to him for choosing me to play in one of his many school football teams. Like Dave Day I always enjoyed his comments on this site. RIP Ken.


  10. I didn’t know Ken personally but he taught a lot of my friends back in the 50’s and helped them greatly with their sporting ambitions. Alan Kitching, Geoff Groarke, Brian Summerhill to name one or two. I have enjoyed reading his various comments over the past few years and will miss his input into the site.


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