Green Dragon Yard? c1994

t14644I wonder if anyone knows the location of this photograph. It was taken in 1994 during SIRF and I think is in the vicinity of Green Dragon Yard, Stockton… I hope someone might be able to offer local knowledge (that unfortunately I don’t have).

Photograph and details courtesy of Allen Mulliss.

7 thoughts on “Green Dragon Yard? c1994

  1. The archway, block paved area and the buildings in the background are all wrong for Green Dragon Yard. If only you could read the sign on the right hand side of the arch, it might of given a clue. Allen, did you visit somewhere else in 1994?


    • It was taken at the SIRF and photos on the same film strip were of a band playing in Green Dragon Yard. So I assumed it was probably nearby. Can’t locate the building now on Google street views. Yes, shame about the sign. There are several distinctive features including the aluminium chimney/vent, row of windows (toilets?) and rooftop (sack/banana?) winch so I was hopeful they, and the arch itself, would help identification. Unfortunately the photographer died a few years ago so don’t have anymore clues.


    • The building opposite looks like an hotel, viewed from the rear, with a bunch of toilets on one floor, with possibly a laundry on a lower floor, for washing bed linen etc, hence the large alloy duct. One thing for certain, it’s not Green Dragon Yard.


  2. Doesn’t look like anything I can remember about the Green Dragon Yard or anything else in Stockton, unless the picture is a lot older.


    • Its possible that all the Stockton photographs are from more than visit, I’ve only been able to date from 1994 SIRF posters in the background on a couple of other photos.


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