7 thoughts on “Interesting house on South Road, Norton

  1. 18 South Road is not shown on an 1897 map but does appear on 1915/18 map. A 1951 map shows it with a flat frontage and only half the size shown in this picture. The bay windows appear on the 1960’s map and the right hand half must of been added much later. I guess this is now some form of multiple occupancy now (flats/home) ?

    1932 – http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw038885 (from the rear)
    1949 – http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/eaw024104 &


  2. I believe it’s the house Harry Lane (Lane Fox) owned, but it didn’t have the frontage it has now. I bought a new house from him in 1966 in Amble View, off South Road, it overlooked the bypass, and remember visiting him at home at the time, he only had one leg, but it didn’t stop him getting about in his gleaming black Rolls Royce.


      • OK Bob you may well be right, I just remember visiting him in South Road in that particular area and thought this maybe the house. I lived on Amble View, just off South Road and remember his daughter lived on Amble View also, in the only detached house on the row ,they ran a hardware shop, Reeds, in Harland Place in the 60s. I left Norton in 1971, I think Harry Lane was still building on the estate then.


    • Harry Lane the builder was a gambler and racehorse owner, whose horses were trained by Captain Neville Crump, who turned out three Grand National winners from his famous yard Warwick House Stables, Middleham (40 miles from Stockton on Tees, near Leyburn) – Sheila’s Cottage (1948), Teal (1952) and Merryman II (1960).

      Teal, the 1952 Grand National winner was purchased at Stockton racecourse by Harry Lane for £2000, in an race horse auction held there by Major Leslie Petch auctioneer. Before running in the 1952 Grand National Teal was booked to run at Kelso, in his biography the trainer Neville Crump wrote that Lane had telephoned him before the race threatening to withdraw the horse from this Kelso race “unless it was stopped”, Crump not wishing to do this had the jockey given the task of pulling the horse up before the finish line using the lame excuse (sic) “he thought it had got a stone in its race shoe”, notwithstanding this he remounted and still came second in this warm up race before the National. Teal went on to win the Grand National, Harry Lane the 22-stone construction magnate with one leg from South Shields, chartered a train to bring 600 of his employees to Aintree to watch the 10-year-old Teal win the National, when it became too old to race (or been injured) it was sold by him to a knackers (dog food) yard for £5.00, the public outrage this caused lasted for years with most members of the public thinking it deserved to have been given a champion racehorse paddock burial.

      ROAD ACCIDENT: About 1968 I was driving on the A19 towards Stockton on Tees, and saw a car coming towards me at high speed driven by said Harry Lane, Lane was approaching a section of North Yorkshire Council road works, and failed to see a workman shovelling mud off the road, Lane’s car drove over this unfortunate man’s shovel snapping it in half and throwing him into the path of Lane’s car killing him outright. I stopped at the accident scene; quickly saw that there was little that could be done to aid the deceased so drove further on to a petrol station a mile down the road to summons an ambulance and the Police. I subsequently appeared as a witness at the Coroners Inquest held at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, the verdict was “Accidental Death”.


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