2 thoughts on “Vic & Beryl in their Heinkel c1959

  1. Best regards Beryl, I can still remember when you and Victor started courting, It was called “Walking out together” in those days. I remember when Victor had a Tony Curtis haircut – and ‘the first in Thornaby sensation’ this called – in the photo shown he’s got a quiff, which was another first. Last time we met you were working has a receptionist at Dr Danahar and Dr McGaths new surgery, if you have any anecdotes (or photos) concering these two wonderful doctors I and others would be pleased to hear them? I recall Dr Danaher (Irish) was partial to a wee dram of whisky and was a wonderful speaker, my mother understood he’d married into the Guiness Brewing family and the marriage had failed, so he’d come to England. Dr McGrath was a Scot, a fine, dedicated man who was well known and loved throughout the Thornaby district. May I enquire what became of your sister Doreen? who was friends with Shirley and Audrey Medd, and finally “Do you recall my mother bought your Robert Atkinson school satchel from your mother for me?”. This was 65 years ago ….. Barnard Street yesterday’s ….. Best regards Bob.


    • Hi my father is Desmond Johnson, Dr McGrath was our family doctor we lived in 35 Barnard St. My dads pal was Palesci he’s 88 and still going he now lives in Stockton after my mam Amy passed away. If you need info just reply.


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