6 thoughts on “The Flying Scotsman, Stockton c1968

  1. The decorative change in the turret house next to the railway can be seen in my railway photos titled, ‘Stockton Station 1973/4’ and ‘Preserved Class 56 at Phoenix Sidings, Easter 2015’ already on Picture Stockton, although I have took numerous photos of this house over the years, which was obviously built for a trainspotter. Any information about the 1973/4? event, a non-Scotsman railtour welcome. Yes Steve I did see the Flying Scotsman on 25 May 1968, but the crowds were huge and I could not get close to it. However the crowds were more massive for the 1973/4 railtour, spilling over onto the back running lines, several layers deep, continuing well off the platforms right past the road bridge. This was the biggest crowd I ever saw at Stockton Station, although I had left Teesside by the mid -1970’s.


    • I seem to remember a famous train passing through Stockton. It would have been in the early 80’s. It was on the early hours of lunchtime or just afterwards. I worked at F Hills at the time and saw it passing. Could this have been the Flying Scotsman?


    • Glad you got to see it Alan, I did not get into railways until I left school, I was a Diesel fan and I always tried to get to see as many of the 22 Deltics as I could if they strayed from the ECML. I’m still into railways all these decades on either modelling them or visiting Heritage lines.


  2. I remember a Norton lad called Alan Boardman from my school going mad about the visit of the Scotsman to Stockton, it was not until years later I realised just how interesting railways were and just how passionate rail fans could be. I wonder if Alan ever got to see the train that day?


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