5 thoughts on “South end of Stockton High Street c1970s

  1. I am not against modernity and all too aware of the power of nostalgia but when I look at this image I ask where is the Vane Arms, the Black Lion (an old coaching inn), Winpenny’s, Clinkards, The Royal Hotel and The Empire Theatre – surely it was a Grade II listed building. As mature people who grew up in Stockton we yearn to return and reminisce but this development can justifiably called sad, not because of its anemic style but because of the loss of what made Stockton – Stockton.


  2. I have returned to Stockton twice in fifty-eight years “and got my fix” of nostalgia by soaking in such a view as this – the Shambles and the Town Hall – sufficient to last me for many more years. Those major changes shown here mean nothing to me, of course, but do illustrate a progressive and improving ( in the commercial sense) attitude of Stockton. Did the White Hart Inn (and Tom Beaumont’s White Hart Grille therein) disappear because of the new construction?


    • The white Hart was called Georgia Browns for many years Ronald from the early 80’s I believe, it’s now a pound pub, progress eh


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