7 thoughts on “Bus Stops on Stockton High Street

  1. Is there any more photos of this area of the town as it seems to be forgotten the area is opposite the Odeon between Doggarts and Pacitos near the old flea pit as it was know as now the hotel


  2. In the background you can see a Hoover sign in the window of Electromode vacuum repair and sales shop. I was the manager for a while and used to all the repairs, those I couldn’t manage went to Newcastle Eldon Square. I had to go every week to pick them up, Electromod used to do door to door selling and had a sales office on Bridge road. I eventually opened my own shop in Station Road Redcar called The Vacuum centre.


  3. That brought back memories those bus stops,I can remember going to the Pictures on a Saturday morning it had hundreds of kids.


  4. Talking about coins, a story I heard was some clever clogs using the IA or 1 bus through Portrack began giving the conductress a pound note for a one and one half penny fate (Three hape-pence as it was then called). It meant she had to give him 19 shillings and 10 and a half old pence change. Given the normal sort of money she was dealing with this would probably have been made up of two half crowns, five florins, four shillings, a sixpence, a three penny bit, a penny and a half penny, or some other complex mixture with whatever change she could find in her satchel.

    This came to a stop when one morning, she gave this idiot, who was just trying to impress his mates by making a woman look small, 477 half pennies. Into his hands, not in a bag. It must have taken weeks for him to get rid of them.


  5. I can remember these bus stops well, whats strange is I cannot recall them being removed?
    The same with the Grey Horse Hotel next door to the Odeon Cinema, and where did the GPO Post Office go? that was on the right hand side of the Odeon. The ‘O’ bus from Thornaby to Stockton used to stop outside the Odeon, so our family used this Post Office a great deal. I still find it strange that the Middlesbrough buses which served Thornaby and Stockton had route letters not numbers, I can remember the ‘L’,’M’ and ‘O’ buses, but was there an A-B-C bus? or an X-Y-Z bus? Our bus from Thornaby to Stockton, called the ‘O’ bus ran from North Ormesby Market Place to Norton Green, a distance of 9 miles, prominent stops would be North Ormesby Market Place, Middesbrough Town Hall, The Blind School, Cleveland Park Greyhound Stadium, Stockton Racecourse, Thornaby Five Lamps and station, Stockton Town Hall, Tilery and Norton Green. These buses were Guy Buses which had a chrome Red Indian Chief head as the makers mascot above the radiator. Buses then had a driver and a bus conductor who took fares and handed out tickets printed on a ticket printing machine strapped to his chest, he registered the fare on this machine by moving a lever, then turned the handle once and out popped the ticket. From straps on his shoulder which descended to his waist he carried a leather bag full of coins and the fares taken. Buses then had 2 decks, an upstairs and a downstairs – under the stairs – luggage was deposited, During that period the most important coin was the half-crown-2/6, then you had the florin-2/-, then the Shilling-1/-, then the tanner-6d, then the threepenny bit-3d, and the workhorse of British coinage the Penny- 1d. White banknotes were no longer legal tender so you had the large pound note -£1.00, and the smaller ten bob note-10/-. The pound sum could be made up from 8 half-crowns, 10 florins, 20 shillings, 40 tanners, 80 threepenny bits, or 240 pennys, so bus conductors had huge amounts of mixed change to count at the end of each shift. The half-crown coin could buy you a ticket into the Odeon for 1/6d, you could get the the bus home for 2d, and purchase fish and chips before going home for 9d, leaving you a penny change for tomorrow. Bob Wilson.


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