12 thoughts on “Demolition of the BP Garage, Durham Road

  1. I just cannot find the words to describe how I feel about the demolition of yet another few buildings in Stockton, it simply does not exist anymore, absolutely torn apart, gone. I was so very upset over the demolition of William Newton School, a place I loved, where I like to think I was educated by such lovely teachers. It was a building ahead of its time in design and outlay, the quadrangle was beautiful, lovely corridors and a lovely library where I loved to sit and read “The Illustrated London Times”, which gave me my love of history and Geography, of which I still read and enjoy today, especially social history. I can also remember learning to drive and stopping at the Durham Road garage to fill up, as I’m sure many people can also remember. Some people say that it’s progression and we have to move with the times, changes happen, but my question is “how come other towns can put money into preserving their towns”, and Stockton cannot, never has done, it really is heart breaking, just as well then that some of us can remember “old Stockton” eh.


  2. The B.P. garage is on the opposite side of Durham Road to Tesco and was there long before it.In the early 1960s it was Reliance Garage and belonged to a Newcastle based firm. It had a workshop attached in those days and there were houses nearby on the site – demolished some years ago- owned by the company. It always sold B.P. petrol. In the mid 60s the Co-Op built a Shell filling station across the road where the entrance to Tesco now is. Later , in the early 1990s the Co-Op built their supermarket, later taken over by Sainsbury and then C2003 by Tesco. I must say that despite the Tesco filling station across the road the B.P. garage seemed to keep reasonably busy so I wonder if someone else has an eye on the site for possible development.


    • I had forgotten about the original petrol station on the Co-Op site, I can picture it now you’ve mentioned it – it was a Shell station if I remember? I can remember buying a video recorder from that Co-op in the early 90’s; I think it became Sainsbury’s after I left Stockton, then Sainsbury’s moved to the old Hintons/Safeway store at Whitehouse Farm.


    • This garage is still called Reliance Garage in the new plans for the site.
      You can see the Shell garage and the build up of it’s replacement & transition to be a Co-op supermarket here:

      From wikipedia:
      “… in 1995, the Stockton-on-Tees SavaCentre opened, with 85,000 sq ft (7,900 m2) of sales area, which was a former North Eastern Co-op store, and was later sold to Tesco in 2003.”


      • Savacentre! That’s the shop I couldn’t remember, became Sainsburys when BHS (?) pulled out of the Savacentre partnership (Savacentre was Sainsbury’s and BHS I think). Couldn’t think how Sainsburys came to be there.


  3. That’s the end of an era! It’s been there for years – used to fill my Mini up at that petrol station. I would imagine Tesco’s over the road proved to be too much competition.


  4. This garage was demolished, and a modern Co-op supermarket was built on the site. This would be around 1984-86, but I could be wrong on the date. My wife says at a later date the Co-Op was demolished and the site is now a McDonalds, a Tescos Supermarket, and a Jewsons superstore. One wonders what happened to the Crossleys Builders Merchants that was near this site for many years? Did Jewsons acquire their premises?

    * A Google search reveals that: Crossley Builders Merchants Limited is a dissolved private limited company incorporated on 6th November 1916 and dissolved on 15th June 1999. They once owned the Crossleys Coatham Stob Brick works which later became Westbrick Ltd. Jewsons is owned by the French conglomerate Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Group, famous for it’s glass fibre insulation products.


    • Bob, that’s over the road – I used that petrol station many times subsequent to 1986 (my parents live about a mile away from it) The Co-Op developed the site which I think was referred to as Summerville Farm at the time (although the main farm of that name is over the road from the supermarket I believe), Tesco’s subsequently took it over – the main store wasn’t demolished, just converted to suit Tesco’s.
      The supermarket was built behind Crossley’s premises, I think Jewsons still use the same premises (although I haven’t been back to Stockton for a couple of years).


      • Ian, you’re correct in saying it was on the other side of the road, I have not been up Durham Road since 1992 on a nostalgia trip to Thorpe Thewals, the calenders must be wrong because I’m certain it was more last last month, how time flies! (Boro school maths) take 2016 deduct 1992 = Answer 4 weeks.


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