Armstrong Flooring Factory

t14674This photograph was taken at the former Armstrong Flooring factory on the Thornaby Industrial Estate. My brother, who is in the photograph, dates it around the late 1980’s or early 90’s. From left to right the men are Brian Henderson, Harry Robson, Barry Davison, Fred Jones and Harry Butler.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Robson.

6 thoughts on “Armstrong Flooring Factory

  1. The daughter of a lady I knew worked at Armstrong Flooring, this was in the 1980’s. She worked in the office and her name was Caroline Siddall.


  2. This photograph was taken for a feature in the company magazine to celebrate 15 years of the factory opening. The men in the picture had been employed there from the beginning.


  3. Hi John, I remember Harry, he came down on the train to your place in Manchester, with Bob and myself to see Jerry Lee Lewis many moons back


    • Your memory serves you well Bill, good times indeed. By the way I went to see our pal Bob recently glad to say he now has space to store his record collection, making him a very happy man. He is doing okay.


  4. I remember about 1986 doing a shutdown there for Redpath engineering services. It was critical we completed the roller replacement and realignment on scheduale. Armstrong flooring were very happy when they were able to get back to production three days early. I remember some of the gentlemen in the photo. It was a pleasure working on that S/D.


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