One thought on “Class photograph, Northfield School c1973

  1. Known names for above photo from memory, (read Left to Right)

    Top row,
    Ian Mc Andrew, Graham Stancil, Geoff Smith, Alan James, Chris Hall, Paul Frank,
    Raymond Robinson,Anthony Loy, Andrew Blick, Ian Holmes, John Cunningham, Unknown.

    Middle Row,
    Susan Duffy Jane Donachie, Patricia Shooter, Angela Meah David Brodie, Graham ? Paul Grylls Jane Easden, Valerie Boynton, Kim Bardsley

    Bottom Row
    Lorraine ? unknown, Susan Clayton, Deborah Reed, Mrs Till, Kath ?, unknown, Angela Hann Yvonne Tipling.

    Mrs Till was a lovely teacher, I used to see here in recent years shopping at Tescos.
    Other teachers in my memory from this period were Mr D.M Armitage, Mr Meek Mr Teasdale
    Mr Coombs, Mr Slack, Miss Howcroft Mr Rushton Miss Palmer, Mr Heron, Mrs Jones Mr Orrick
    Mr Porter Mrs Sharret Mrs Hudson Mr mc court Mr Wealleans Mrs Denby Mr Lonsdale Mr Garrett Mrs Riley Miss Ault Mr Algie Mr Hepner Mr Headley Mr Coates Mr Lester Mr Dix Mr Chapman

    One supply teacher stands out, one Miss Christine Jobson, who’s brother Eddie Jobson was a drummer for Bryan Ferry’s group ‘Roxy Music’. I think she played the then new single ‘Virginia Plain’ in class.


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