7 thoughts on “Duo-mixer Drill Competition, Billingham

  1. Great view of the old Billingham Baths and the boys club. My guess is that this is a fire fighting apparatus drill by one of the ICI factory teams judging by the uniforms.


  2. So it this “drill” as in “practising a procedure”, and the “duo-mixer” being part of the machine that is painting the white line on the grass? (mixing the paint?)

    If so then is this basically a competition testing the skill of painting white lines?

    Or an I way off?


    • yup, ok, way off, fire fighting foam mixer makes much more sense, but in my defense they do seem to be painting a white line as part of the competition.


  3. This picture was pre-Ag-Div Offices which were demolished recently. This is the old Billingham Synthonia FC football ground….which would have been right off pic. Just peeping in on the left is the old Synthonia Boys Club before it too was demolished to make way for the ‘grand new offices’. The grounds that the people are working on was the Billingham Synthonia Juniors Football Ground.


  4. Old Billingham baths. The finest baths on Teesside. What a come down when having to use
    the old Stockton baths with our school. Still, happy days on looking back.


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