10 Buxton Street

t14688This photograph is possibly one of very few taken in Buxton Street. The boy in the image is Harry Robson one of my younger brothers riding his beloved 3 wheeler bike. Harry is approaching his 70th birthday so that gives some idea as to the age of the photograph. We were born in 10 Buxton Street and lived there until the mid 1950’s. The wall showing in the image was the one blocking the street from the railway which was always very busy in those days.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Robson.

9 thoughts on “10 Buxton Street

  1. Not many cars around either in those days, can only remember Annie Harris’s and Paul Marwoods dads. He used to take us all out for a run in his Morris traveller. Great times!


    • Geoff I often went to watch the Boro home games with Robbie Cockcroft, Annie’s son-in-law, the car you mention was a Standard Vanguard. One other car around there was owned by the Dack family who had the wood yard. Only other transport I recall were two motor bikes, one owned by your father, the other by Ronnie Nichol of Buxton Street. Last time I saw you Geoff was at the christening of Alan Davis’s son, Stephen, who is now in his forties. I have a photograph of us together taken that day. All the Davis family are now in Australia however I am still in weekly contact with Alan, he and Muriel will be visiting here in the summer.


      • Hi, may I ask about the Dack’s please? If you have any memories of them that is, it’s just that I’m a Descendant of them through marrying the Peacock’s who married into the Lennon’s.


        • George Dack lived in Major Street and owned the wood yard situated at the back of the street. George and his wife had three children as I remember, Walter, Marion & Alan. Although keeping the business the family eventually moved to The Avenue in Fairfield.


    • That’s true Fred but most residents would still sweep and swill the front of their houses in those old streets. Even the front steps were scrubbed, all part of the household chores.


  2. I am reminded by my life long friend Denis Umpleby, like me born in Buxton Street, how clean it is in this photograph. Of course there were no fast food outlets in those days mostly local fish and chip shops, however I think people had much more pride in their surroundings back then.


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