Queen Victoria High School for Girls on Yarm Road c1906

t14700Victorian architecture is not generally considered to be attractive but I find this to be quite pleasing on the eye, it is slightly unusual in as much as having the usual Victorian red brick construction at the lower levels, but the upper levels are rendered, this rendering was very much in fashion during the 1930s, everybody will have seen bow fronted houses with rendered upper floors, they usually have half porches and curved top front doors, sometimes with stained glass, there are some in the Oxbridge/Hartburn areas, also the chimneys are huge, I presume to clear the smoke from the rooftops, these large chimneys hark back to a much earlier time, Tudor and Elizabethan chimneys were often very large and ornate but by Georgian times the chimneys were very much smaller, look at them in Yarm, altogether an interesting building. The postcard is dated 1906.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

11 thoughts on “Queen Victoria High School for Girls on Yarm Road c1906

  1. I have a Teacher’s Registration Council certificate for a relative whose professional address was Queen Victoria High School in Stockton-on Tees, 1927. Can anyone direct me to any information regarding staff of Queen Victoria High School?


  2. Queen Victoria High School was the sister school of The Grammar School on Norton Road although contact with our sisters was frowned upon as an unwritten rule excepting a joint annual drama production when girls were to play the female roles.
    Both school buildings are no more, both being replaced by establishments selling alcohol. The founders must be turning in their graves.


  3. Sorry to be leaving this comment on this photo but was there a Clyde Terrace on Yarm Road? I’ve seen it on the censuses and a WW1 service record and on online newspapers from the early 20th century but cannot find it on any old maps!! thank you.


  4. Was Queen Vic a private school for girls?. If so how did it fit into the rest of the educational system in Stockton? What sort of careers did the women have after leaving?

    One reason I ask was that there was a clever and rather pretty girl called Margery Bean from our class of 11 year olds in Portrack Primary in 1952-53. I understand she went to Queen Vic and we never heard from her again.

    Does Queen Vic still exist?

    Where there any private boy’s schools in Stockton.?


    • Yes I think it was a private school, my sister went there on a scholarship with a bursary I believe, as my parents would not have been able to pay fees. It is no longer there it was demolished long ago and a pub built in its place. It is along time since I was in the area so the pub may well have gone now. I cannot recall any private boys schools. There was one at Barnard Castle.


      • It was a board school, no fees it was officially sanctioned by one of Queen Victoria’s daughters though I can’t remember which Princess. When the school was demolished they found the foundation stone with all the details. It was a fabulous school to attend, Kindergarten was on the ground floor with the assembly hall/gym, the science rooms were at the top of the building before they moved to purpose built buildings in the playground. The dining room was also on the top floor, sixpences in the Christmas pudding. Many happy years there from 1964-68.


    • Queen Victoria High School was thee school in Stockton for girls. At a later date it moved, re-organised and eventually became the Teessside High School for Girls in Eaglescliffe.
      An interesting story: Mrs Agnes Spencer the wife of Tom Spencer of Marks & Spencers fame retired to Stockton-onTees, at some time she discussed financial matters with her lawyers and bank manager at The Midland Bank, and sought from them suggestions how she could create a Trust Fund to dispose of her wealth whilst expressing a founding Trustees desire to help girls. After her death the Trust Fund she formed was a party to the new school Teesside High coming about. For obvious reasons the details I have are rather sketchy and others might know more than me . I’m proud to say my eldest daughter Linda Wilson attended this school. She became a Barrister.

      (www/ quotes) (1)Thomas Spencer (1852 – 25 July 1905) was a joint founder of Marks & Spencer, a major British retailer. He was born in Skipton, Yorkshire and married Agnes Spencer Whitfield at St Saviour, Cross Green, Leeds in 1892. He joined with Michael Marks to form Marks & Spencer. Spencer’s wife Agnes was born in the village of *Marton, Middlesbrough. The couple met and married in Leeds. Agnes funded charitable work such as the Church of St Agnes in Easterside, Middlesbrough. She died in 1959 and is buried in the graveyard of St Cuthbert’s Parish Church in Marton. (2) TRUST: The Agnes Spencer Charitable Trust Stockton-On-Tees, England (3) Solicitors: Archers Law Llp Lakeside House Kingfisher Way Stockton-On-Tees. (4) Marks & Spencer connection to Foundation’s newest fund. The Foundation has received a £300,000 donation from the Agnes Spencer Charitable Trust. Agnes Spencer Whitfield was born in the village of Marton in 1860. In 1892 she married Thomas Spencer. In 1957 she established the Agnes Spencer Charitable Trust which has supported charitable causes within the area ever since. She died in 1959 at the age of 98. (5) Where Agnes Spencer Charitable Trust operates: Redcar and cleveland, Middlesbrough, Stockton-on-tees, Hartlepool (6) Charitable Trust’s charitable objectives: To pay the income and the whole or any part of the capital for such charitable purposes in the united kingdom or elsewhere at such time and in such manner as the trustees in their absolute discretion think fit. A big Thank You goes to Mrs Spencer and Marks & Spencers, for the geneous gifts they have made to Teessidie citizens health, welfare and education over the years.


    • The school was a mixture of fee paying (approx. £30 a term in the late 60’s) and those who had passed the 11+ . It was 1 form entry and ages ranged from kindergarten to 6th form. All those in the lower school (primary age) were fee paying.


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