5 thoughts on “Views of Wolviston Hall

  1. The lions at the entrance of the old Wolviston Hall are sadly no longer there.
    The estate is now a private housing development known as the Manor estate, although
    there was no manor, only a Manor House Farm by the village Green.


  2. On the 17th September 1947 a group of German prisoners of war were being transferred to the Wolviston POW camp. They were sent in lorries to Burton Agnes station in Yorkshire where they were to be put on a train to Wolviston (presumably the destination would be Billingham or Stockton station).

    However one of the lorries transporting the POWs and their escort went through the railway crossing barriers at Agnes Burton station and collided with a train. Twelve people were killed including 10 prisoners of war. Quite recently a plaque has been erected on Agnes Burton station listing the dead.


    • Derek, The aerial view picture shows the main road (bottom right) into the village from the Kings Arms at Billingham The two semi-detached bungalows are still there today.


      • Brian, Are the big gates and stone pillars with lion heads still at the entry to the main road?
        In the 40’s this place was a prisoner- of- war camp. The grounds were full of huge horse chestnut trees. German soldiers would pass conkers out through the barbed wire fencing to us kids outside.


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