12 thoughts on “Pedestrianisation of Stockton High Street

  1. Please give the Council the plaudits they deserve for trying to make a High Street to suit the times, they will never please everyone no use trying though my extended family think the latest improvements are great, one Granddaughter now living back in Stockton itself and loving it.
    As one who lived through prewar wartime and after, seeing most of the Improvements and believe me they were just that, to those of us who Schooled and worked in the centre played danced and shopped there seeing the dirt squalor and degradation of the Town Centre through not being maintained when money was either none existent or very scarce, when businesses could not get materials to upgrade because of wartime restrictions that did not end in 1945 or even 1955 their hands were tied as were the Council and the places fell apart. The River side of the Town was a rat ridden slum most behind the shops and businesses being derelict, the river was a tidal sewer some of us had to work next to it at low tide in summer and know exactly what it was like, it had to be improved using what money was available and that is never enough.
    Progressive Councils did their best with what was available and there was uproar from some always will be though slowly the Town High Street and River bank have become places to visit once more, my last few visits have shown me there is movement back into town, the fountain area often packed and one day looking for a tea and sandwich found four Cafe’s packed not a seat for me.
    With all my memories of Stockton old and new I much prefer the new, I still live on the outskirts and would not live anywhere else, well done those who have brought Stockton out of the dark ages and may it always be onward and up, the only way to go.


  2. If anything the high street is more dangerous now than ever, people falling down those small kerbs that you can’t see,two way bus traffic zigzagging in and out of the lanes. Just look at how many people have been knocked down in the last year or so because of buses coming out of nowhere. They should have built a bus depot like they were originally supposed to the same as Middlesbrough. And yes why couldn’t they put some kind of lighting in that still looked old fashioned and blended in a bit. Those things that are up now are the worst looking lights I have ever seen. They look like something out of a football stadium. Who gives the go ahead for these type of projects because the public, if ever consulted would never have given the go ahead!


    • I think that’s exactly why it doesn’t go out for public consultation, our tastes tend to differ and our first thoughts are more than likely stuck in the past. We’d then spend x millions to end up with the “same old same-old”. I admit I don’t think I would of picked that lighting design upfront, but I like them, they are unique and bold (so I’m glad they didn’t ask this member of the public). I think one of English Heritage’s views on restoration is this, if it’s new make it look obviously new, it’s not to blend in like a pastiche of times gone by. In my opinion Stockton has done just that and declared that we don’t live in a museum piece, I’m happy with that.


  3. Must be before 1995 as The Mall is still there. So this is the first pedestrianisation. Got to be better than having two dual carriageways on the high street?


  4. Stockton High Street is not pedestrianised and never will be until they build a bus station somewhere out of the High Street.
    It is worse now because they have allowed cars back in and at some points it is downright dangerous because at some points you have to cross three lanes of traffic.


    • Do we really want a bus station? Have you seen Middlesbrough or Durham? …no thanks.

      Looking back to the dual carriage(race)way layout, if you counted the almost continuous bus lay-by as a lane, then weren’t there 3 lanes to cross on each side of the High Street back then ? (twice!) Whilst dodging cars, vans, trucks and buses, with those in turn dodging the pedestrians stepping out from in-between buses and market stalls.


  5. The latest devastating attempt at “”improving”” the High Street, is dreadful and has not made it more attractive to shoppers or businesses.


  6. A vast improvement and much more pedestrian friendly. Well done Stockton Council. Only gripe the unattractive street lights in the High St which don’t really suit it no matter how efficient they might be.


    • My thoughts exactly. The widest High Street became the greatest death trap! Old 1960’s style was safer than anything since, Reason – People only had to look in ‘one-direction’in order to cross from Pavement to Central Areas and likewise from Central Areas to Pavement,


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