School Life-Saving Championships c1961/62

t8085Frederick Nattrass boys and Billingham South Modern girls Life-saving Teams who won their championship trophies in Northumberland and Durham Schools Life-saving championships at Newcastle c1961/62. In the centre is well-known swimming coach Olive Atkinson.

Image and details courtesy of Ann Martin.


6 thoughts on “School Life-Saving Championships c1961/62

  1. I’m almost 100% certain I took part in this competition at old Billingham baths, myself Derek Casey, John Calvert, David Appleby or Denis Carter & I think Colin Eles, we represented our school Tilery boys, didn’t competition go under Cox’s life saving.
    All the best.
    Derek Casey.


  2. Jean Barass, Carol Hollinshead, Susan Readhead, Gillian Brown, Ann Millward And Mrs. Atkinson.
    Missing: Christine Matson


  3. Regarding the School Life-Saving Championships c1961/62, I was at the Billingham South Modern at that time. I remember all the girls faces but can only put one name to them. Jean Barrass (surname spelling highly suspect) who lived in the same street, Cumberland Cres. as me.
    Anyone else put a name to a face.


    • Hello Derek, are you the Derek Appleton, who was in my class at Faraday Hall? We left in 1963. I think our form teacher was Miss Perret, or pop Wilkinson. I saw you once about 1970. You were joining the Merchant Navy, and I was home on leave from the Merchant Navy. I was 3rd mate in Ropners, and I think you were going into marine engineering. Am I right or completely off track?


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