2 thoughts on “Hydrogen Production Towers, ICI Billingham c1972

  1. I don’t think that these towers are producing hydrogen. They may be purifying it or using is for some other process like ammonia manufacture. Could they be for the oxidation of ammonia?

    We need Frank Mee’s help!


    • Sorry Fred before my time. The Heavy hydrogen plant closed down I believe, (not sure) in the late 1950’s. Those towers were put to some other use and never came within my remit in the Heavy Fabrication group. That section had their own Heavy Fitting Trade Group who only worked in that area.
      Our area covered from the ICI Tees Wharf to the Oil Distillery near Seaton but there were pockets of general maintenance within that area who only saw us at major shut downs.
      ICI were noted for using old production systems for other things this must have been one of those.


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