22 thoughts on “Unknown – Any ideas?

    • The S&T Hospital site was north of Northcote Street, you can still see the entrance gate posts on Bowesfield Lane, in front of Bramley Parade. This picture shows the demolition of Stafford Street and the surrounding area. Which is south of Northcote Street and behind St Peter’s church. A small section of Stafford Street survived and can be found just before you get to the traffic barrier on Bowesfield Lane. Where the Bowesfield Hotel used to be on the corner (now a care home?).


  1. Reference: The big church that stood directly behind the ‘Maison De Dance, situated in Yarm Lane, will someone please bring me upto date on it. I know it was vandallised, maybe set on fire at some stage, and maybe demolished, but what happened to the graves that surrounded it?


  2. I reckon Alec Moody has it right, this is probably the demolition of Stafford St, looking toward St Peter’s Church (with the tower) and the Methodist Church (with the spire) both on Yarm Road.
    Taken from where Bowesfield Primary School is today, looking west. The bit of the road that is not getting demolished in this picture is now called St Peter’s Road, with only a small bit of Stafford Street remaining which is off Bowesfield Lane.


  3. Blew the picture up and had a good look as I worked around there for some time. The Block paved street bisecting the main Street can only be Lodge Street which joined Skinner street to Brunswick Street. From the Dovecot Street end we had running south Prince Regent Street, William Street, Brunswick Street and Skinner Street. Beyond the bottom of the picture towards Dovecot Street was a cross street called Albion Street which crossed all the above streets and joining with Ramsgate. From that point of view I am sure it is Skinner Street the impression I got the second I saw it.
    Lawson Street Church would be the one on the right with the spire and still there, I went round it last week, Trinity lost its spire in the fire.

    I worked in Prince Regent Street and Skinner Street opposite Fenny’s Brush Factory walking up and down the streets around and along Albion Street to Browns main Factory so knew it well. I am of course talking as they were 70 years ago, there were some changes when they put the ring road in running down Prince Regent Street. Some new building went on in the streets around until the final blow to those old streets. I was surprised to see Lawson Street and its surrounds have sprouted lots of new houses, things move quickly these days.


    • St Peters church in the distance to the left, Yarm road Methodist on the right. I lived in this are so think that this shows the demolition of the older ends of Waverley, Camden, Arlington street plus Stafford and Adderley street.


      • Definitely agree with you! I grew up on the lower part of Camden Street, and the view of St Peter’s Church feels , hauntingly, very familiar.


  4. I’d go with Mr Mee, is the church on the left the now derelict one which was ravaged by fire some years ago [sorry I can’t remember it’s name] which stands just of Yarm Lane. The one on the right would be the one which stands on the corner of what was Lawson St and Yarm Lane.


  5. looks like mary street it is posible that you can see lt motors in back ground picture looks like it has been taken with back against thompsons scrap yard at pub just before going through tunnel to dovecot street


  6. A bit of a guess, I can see two churches, the one on the right is possibly Yarm Road Methodist Church, the one on the left, just visible above the roof tops is possibly St Peter’s on Yarm Road. If they are then this is probably somewhere around Bowsfield Lane and Northcote Street, where Bowsfield Primary School is. The school opened in 1976 and the cars fit that year.


      • Ian, I can see why you would think Lawson Street, the church with the spire would then be the St Andrew & St George, Scotland United Reformed Church on Yarm Lane, and that was my first thought, I just couldn’t fit the left hand church into the view. It’s a difficult one.


        • I am with Alec on this ID. Not as far back as Bowesfield Lane, but the road running across the picture from left to right is St Cuthberts Road.


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