Ashmore Power Gas Machine shop trip out 1947

t14713This photograph belonged to my father-in-law, Raymond Jennings who is the chap on the far right. His older brother, Horace Jennings, is on the back row and four from the left. Ray became foreman in October 1947 and after the new works were built senior foreman in the heavy shop. Back then it was the norm for the men to organise day trips together. Unfortunately some of the faces aren’t clear enough to be recognized – lost to light leaking into the box camera no doubt but it would be nice to put names on the other faces if anyone can help.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Wade.

4 thoughts on “Ashmore Power Gas Machine shop trip out 1947

  1. Percy Haslock was my grandfather Ronald must be the son of Vera and Walter. I last saw them at my grandmother Ruth’s funeral in 1967. I am David son of Percy’s son.


  2. I looked in vain for the face of my Uncle Percy Haslock as he was a “lifer” with Ashmore’s. When I was attending Richard Hind School I used to often see him as he walked home for lunch.


  3. Hi,    If this picture belonged to your Father-in-Law, then you must be married to my cousin  (Norma ?) Horace and Raymond Jennings were my Mother, Olive’s brothers, they also had another sister Ruby. They grew up at 68 Hampton Rd, in Stockton-on-Tees. Uncle Raymond was married to Aunty Rose and Uncle Horace to Aunty Lily.  I have a picture of the 4 siblings as children which I will post on here later.. I am Malcolm Trattles.


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