Mandale Road, Thornaby c2016

t14721I took this photograph of No. 7 Mandale Road – February 2016 – and wondered if anyone knows anything about the shop sign? How old is it? What was the company?
Has this sign survived by being covered over and only exposed by the conversion work taking place?
I’ve seen an image on Picture Stockton where this shop was a Post Office, and it looks like the Post Office sign was added on top of the original.

No.’s 3 – 9 are in the middle of being converted into student accommodation. As listed buildings the existing shop fronts have to be maintained and all the windows must be of wooden construction.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

17 thoughts on “Mandale Road, Thornaby c2016

  1. Hi, Anyone able to help regarding places in the Thornaby area that two of my ancestors lived. My gr grandfather, Joseph Wilson, was born to Irish immigrants in Pidgeon (Pigeon?) Street in April 1875, before moving to New Street (in the Mandale triangle by 1881 census). I can find this street on the 1871 census appearing to be near Trafalgar St. but not later, nor can I find it on any maps at Stockton library. I am thinking the street name might have been changed, possibly to Carr St., but I have no proof. Anyone have access to a map showing this Street? One of my other gr grandfathers, Albert A Blackburn, lived with his family at Thornaby Vale Cottage in 1901.. There seemed to be a number of ‘Thornaby Vale Cottages’, and they were next address in the census after Thornaby Vale Farm, Thornaby hospital Cottage, and Thornaby Hall.The following addresses are Thorntree Hall and Thornaby Village. Anyone know where these dwellings were, (map possibly?)


    • The only help I can give you here is New Street still exists. It is off George Street and has a old pub called The Market Tavern which is still open and is my local. Also the name Thornaby Hall I believe was situated on the old airfield where the former Hintons factory was, its now a housing estate called Sir Douglas Park.



      This will show you Thornaby Hall (now gone) and Thorn Tree Farm (still exists though now enclosed by housing) and Thornaby Vale Farm (now gone). Zoom in and slide the blue button, and pan around the area.

      This is based on 6″ maps, 25″ maps for this area will be put on-line probably over the next year 2017, which may help find your “missing” roads.


  2. Yes, I remember my mother going to get the weekly family allowance from the post office there, my Father and his brothers owned Dicken’s in Mandale Road, Albert was still at school and Terence was working with Dad until we opened the new Shop in Norton Road, Stockton. I lived in the flat above the Thornaby shop and remember helping my Dad, when I was only small, it was in the late 50’s before our business grew. We also had a sawmill opposite the town Hall in Darlington St, unfortunately we had to look for new premises because we had a fire, a spark lept from a steam train from the Railway and set the shaving hut alight, then later on we bought an acre site down Portrack Lane where the business grew from strength to strength due to the DIY boom, which started to flourish early 60’s onwards.
    I used to go and buy the hot pork pies from Metcalfes the butchers, and we used to keep them warm on top of the paraffin heaters in the shop, so they were still warm for lunch.
    Yes old man Reynolds shop was over the road from us, anything we did not have, he would have and vice versa.
    Happy Days


    • I believe Dickens also had a shop on Norton Road near what is Crake and Mallon’s funerals now I think you had to go down some steps to get in ?


    • Eric, under the 3rd window is a large Post Box, the sort that dropped out at 45 degrees, I’m not sure if letters were posted in it, I don’t think they were, or the GPO used it to drop off early morning mail for the counter staff use. or for the round mailmen deliverers to collect later, which raises the question where was the nearest red post box to the Town Hall.? I used to go inside with letters, buy a 2. 1/2d stamp, only one class, the last time I remember going there was for a dog licence @ 7/6d, I thought you had to put the dogs name on the licence ot it wasn’t valid …..


  3. Its the former main Post Office, Thornaby, situated two doors down from Thornaby Town Hall, on the left is the Town Hall ground floor offices which had been converted from a private shop, then the Post office shown, which had been closed in excess of 35+ years or more, then the WVS Wartime Womens Voluntary Service Offices, which had been shut for around 50+ years. There was a row of 3 bay windows above the Post Office and the WVS, which have been removed. A Mrs Gott who lived in Georgina Street, Thornaby, was the local WVS volunteer worker. I know this because when she got supplied with her new WVS uniform she came in our house to show my mother it by her wearing it. This was in 1949?


    • Thanks David, that could be it. I guess most people must of known it as the post office if we have to go back to the 20’s to find a likely match.


  4. The only shops I remember on Mandale Road was Reynolds hardware (would put B and Q to shame) and opposite was Metcalf the butcher, best pork pies in the world.


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