Painted wall picture of Norton Green

t14723 t14724This picture of Norton Green has recently been discovered by the owner of a house in Norton when he stripped the wallpaper from his living room wall.  It was painted in 1980 by the previous owner of the house.

The lady who painted the picture (shown here with her son shortly after she completed the painting) died in 2009. The house was rented for 2 years after that and the tenant wallpapered over the painting.

Photographs and details courtesy of Lynda Dickinson




5 thoughts on “Painted wall picture of Norton Green

  1. Nice painting. Does anyone remember the old hut on the green where you would take your baby to get weighed each week by women in white uniforms this was 1971.


  2. Frank P Mee – the painter was certainly quirky – you were spot on there. The figures in the painting are all members of her family – the youngest of which is in one of the prams and is now 36 years old.


  3. A lovely Painting, views of the Green have gone round the world and rightly so it is an Icon. I once persuaded a BBC film crew coming to interview me to arrive via Norton High Street and the Green, they were enchanted and we all ended up on the Green Filming.
    The Lady painting it had quite a quirky eye and I love the way she pictured it, a fitting epitaph can it be saved I wonder.


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