One thought on “Richard Hind School 1958-59

  1. 34 in class it was 14 when I was in 4A and as we had gone from 11 to 16 never more than 18.
    One boy Peter Bailey died from brain tumour, two left early to earn money for the family and one just vanished we never found out why, it was wartime and things happened. With parents away in the forces many households found it a struggle to manage, putting food on the table was more important to some than schooling. Uniforms kit and books were beyond some families, I had to have a new one every year as I flew up, six foot when I joined up.
    We vertually got one to one tutoring and it showed, many lads from that class reached good positions in local industry. Apart from Mr Rosser we had an ongoing war, my blessings went to Miss English, Miss Duffny, Mr Plummer, Mr Dobin, Mr Dawson in particular though all were good at what they did, we were not always respectful. Mr Williams PT always got respect after I knocked him down whilst boxing, he got up and gave me a lesson in how to hurt without knocking them down and letting them escape, happy days, no H& S then.


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