Richard Hind School Trip c1950s

t14719 t14720Photographs show some of my school mates from Richard Hind enjoying a day out during the mid 1950’s.  Mick Gilhooley is probably the most recognisable lad in both pictures. You would have to go a long way to find a more likeable lad than he, it was sad to hear of his death some years ago. Although I cannot recall the names of all of the other boys in the picture those I do are as follows, Alan Dodsworth, Ronnie Ibbettson, Davy Norris and Alan Armstrong.

Photographs and details John Robson.

7 thoughts on “Richard Hind School Trip c1950s

  1. My mother was so hard up that I never told her about the Richard Hind School trips, and never went on one. The first school trip I did go on was with Stockton Grammar in 1960 to the see the Calder Hall nuclear reactor on the West Coast.

    This came about, because, on joining the sixth form at Stockton Grammar, my mother got a grant of £70, worth just under £2000 in today’s money. I mentioned the Calder Hall trip in a recent article I wrote for the Institute of Materials. It is on the internet. and has the title “Lies, Damned Lies and Nuclear Power”.


    • Hello Paul, glad you like the photographs even though they are a little hazy. As you know your brother was a great all round sportsman, I was fortunate enough to play alongside him during our years at Richard Hind. Truly a sad loss to all those who knew him.


  2. The pictures were taken with a very inexpensive camera so the quality is not too good. However I hope some of the lads can be identified by former pupils who attended RH during the 1950’s.


  3. Hi. Does anyone remember Joan Crawford? She was at Richard Hind School 1950 to 1954 I think. Also played in the hockey team. Derek Brittain. Sadly she died 1998. I was her husband.


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