3 thoughts on “Star Crossed Lovers? 135 Stockton High Street

  1. In 1880 the grandson of Mr Bates who in 1776 opened the Georgian Theatre, in Green Dragon-yard, retired after a life time of acting on the “Northern-Circuit” (Berwick to Bradford). His principal part was those of Shakespeare and on his retirement he proclaimed his love of “The Bard of Avon” by front his house with the character and background of the Star-Crossed Lovers. ROMEO & JULIET, Juliet is to the left, a wreath of flowers around her neck and a crown of same on her head Romeo has both a “Cap of maintenance”, with diamonds and a purse of same. Above the Lovers is a a many arched bridge “Pontvecchio” (A bridge of shops) Topping all is Paduas castellated city wall. For over 100 years the “Lovers” have looked over Stockton and are still in their beauty of eye-lashes and lips. While on the subject of Green-Dragon Theatre, very few know that one of the managers in the 1840-50 Junius Brutus Booth had two actor sons who emigrated to the Unites States. One Edwin became “The Bards Ambassador to the American Theatre” the other became much more well known, John Wikes Booth, who assassinated President Lincoln in the Ford Theatre Washington 1865.


    • Fascinating bit of history there Bob, and well spotted John. I’d never even noticed these two before – and I often bump into people as I’m too busy admiring the buildings of Stockton high street, will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these two!

      Out of the blue – I don’t suppose you both know any info regarding The Groves and Park View opposite Rooner park do you? The deeds to our house say est 1990 – would love to get abit more history on them. Thanks!


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