4 thoughts on “Globe Programme c1930s

  1. This Theatre was rebuilt two or three times the last being 1935 so the flyer is after that date. My Parents took me there around 1938 and it took my breath away looking at the palatial splendour to us another world. The films too took us away from the mundane to a dream world, everything American being way beyond anything we knew that was on film of course we did not know of the hardships lots of Americans had.
    I knew most of the firms advertised Mr Lewis the Butcher having his shop on the corner of the Globe Building and was at one time Mayor of Stockton I believe. I laughed at the Newbolds Midget pies, that would not be allowed in this PC world today, they would be Mini or bite size and must not allude to the size of a person, how things change.
    The Globe presented all kinds of entertainment from films to live shows, my late wife Joan was dancing in the chorus for one Pantomime it was the done thing then girls from the dancing schools providing the dance troup.
    I watch with interest as plans to refurbish come and go yet nothing happens, I would suppose the new large stadiums seating thousands have taken the life out of places like the Globe, they had their time and certainly did the job of providing escape and cheer in the war years and after, remembered with the joy and laughter they gave our generation.


      • Reading those adverts is an eye opener also a bit annoying, Arthur Blacket builder Greylands Estate Premier Suburb of Stockton, we born and bred Nortonions did not see it like that, Stockton finished at Kirby’s corner. My Dad was delivering bricks to those house builders at a time when Builders were putting up houses in all parts including Council housing. A house to buy from £450 to £500 wages would be around £5 a week if you were lucky enough to have a job.
        P Kelly Bone setter Masseur? We had a Hospital, why bone setter.
        Newmans Fine Foods, join the Christmas club £1 saved gets you 21/- and at twenty shillings to the pound that would be a lot to some, if they could afford the pound in the first place.
        We had two nights a week at the Cinema, once in Norton the Modern or Avenue depending what was on and a trip to Town probably to see a coloured film or musical. Always first house two showings a night, the Town Cinema’s showed the film for a week.
        My grand children wonder what I did with my time? We found plenty to do in fact it was all go, the thirty hour day diary is not a modern invention.


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