2 thoughts on “Class 2a, Norton Board School c1956

  1. I was looking for a picture of my uncle, Alan Thompson who taught at the village school through the late forties, fifties and sixties (sadly he died in 1971) but came across this, my form picture in 1956. Two obvious contrasts with modern times; very large class, and no obesity!
    We moved from Norton later in 1956, so lost touch with my classmates. I have very clear memories of Steven O’Boyle, Paul George, Norman Hardwick, Geoff Coates, Stuart Patterson, and Pamela Congreve. Recognise many of the faces, but could not name them.
    My recollection is that we were very well taught, particularly in arithmetic, and lived in fear of Mr Corner’s mental arithmetic test. When I moved to another primary school they could not believe that standards at Norton were so far ahead of theirs.
    I am afraid that I cannot fill in any of the blanks.
    Happy to say I am in good health, and hope very much that so is everyone else. My best wishes to anyone who visits this picture who remembers me.
    David Thompson


  2. Form 2A 1955/56 : Provided some time ago by Paul Graham

    Rear row: Edith Welsh, David Thompson, Eddie ??, Keith Bellwood, Richard Hallett, Kenny Rowbottom, David Langham, Robert ??, Stephen O’ Boyle, Dave Curzon, Paul Duckett, Paul Graham, Norman Hardwick, Geoff Coates, Patricia/Gillian ??,

    Middle row: Pat Leeming??(or Lewis?), Susan gash, Maureen ?, Roberta Thompson, Barbara Robertson, Joyce Grimshaw, Pamela Congreve, Carol Rogers, Dorren Nesbit?, Susan Armstrong (or Burns ?), Jennifer Thompson?, Gillain Hyman, Harriet Stannage, Vanessa Wild ?, Valerie Stewart

    Front Row (chairs): Kay Dodsworth, Carol Ault, Rita Jameson, Janet Nicholson, Pat Leeming ?, Beryl Sanderson, Susan Dedman, Carol Peskin, Maureen ?, Pauline Riley, Margaret Evans ?, Margaret Longstaff, Barbara Kelly,

    Front row (floor): Eric Brockelsby, Peter Jackson, Malcolm Sellick, Andy Rigg, Stuart Patterson, Frank Bowron.
    Anyone fill in the blanks?


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