Newham Grange School Prefects 1949/50

t14805Newham Grange School Prefects year 1949/50. Back Row: ??, ??, ??, Ernie Lonie S Class, Ted Amos S Class, Hazel Moody form 4A, Marie Kennedy Form 4A, ??.

Front Row: Jimmy Summers S class, ?? , Eric Barnes S Class, June Ford Form 4A, ?? S class.
I know that Jimmy Summers and Eric Barnes went on to become teachers with Jimmy making Head Master of a Teesside School but dying very young. I am sure some of our correspondents will be able to fill in the missing names on the photograph.

The S class referred to was a special class for those failing the 11 plus exam to go on to further education at a later date to stay within the Education Department net. Where others who left school at 15 years in some cases went on to study at Night School to further their education, mainly in the Technical field resulting in some eventually getting their Engineering degree or their Higher National Certificate or City and Guild full technological certificate, or National Certificate Diploma. Many Teesside youngsters benefited from this Night school education and many were allowed a days leave per week to gain their qualifications. I wonder is a similar situation still in progress on Teesside now as I would think that with the loss of all the large Engineering Firms from Teesside it may not be the case, to the detriment of the local youth of Teesside.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

4 thoughts on “Newham Grange School Prefects 1949/50

  1. Correct Anon I meant to say front row left looking at the Camera, another senior moment. I have just read the article on Jimmy Summers being in a wheel chair tragic, for such a wonderful lad who was a very good athlete. He played in goal and sometimes as an outfield player at Football, and I think he held the half mile record at Newham Grange at not much more than two minutes. My last meeting with Jimmy was also in a Pub the Fairfield, Jimmy asked me what career I was following and and when I told when I told I was working as an Estimating Engineer he said ‘oh you mean Cost Clerk Ben?’, ‘no Jim’ I replied ‘a different job all together’, then I bought him a pint and we had a good chin wag about old times. At that time he showed no signs of the illness that was to affect him so tragically, RIP Jim Summers.


  2. I remember Jimmy Summers with huge affection, he was practically a member of our family for a couple of years in the early fifties when he and my older teenage sister were teenage sweethearts. Last saw him in the Newlands pub in Norton circa 1962 when he was wheel chaired by a particularly nasty affliction. Lovely lad taken tragically early.


  3. I have just remembered that the Young man front row front left looking at photo was called Lewis. He became an arts student and I think a teacher of Art. While at Newham Grange he came second in a National Competition to design a logo for the Wool Industry. The winning entry is still used today all over the World showing wool balls which I am sure every one is familiar with. Strangely while serving my Apprentice ship at Head Wrightsons Stockton Forge I met up with his brother who was a Boilermaker, now living in Canada. Small World


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