Stockton Billingham Technical College c1967

t14778Stockton Billingham Technical College on Finchale Avenue in Billingham, it appears to have been taken from either the Bowling Alley which was on the first floor above Asda or from the roof of Roys furniture store, to the right is John Whitehead Park, the road in the foreground is The Causeway and behind the college theatre is the Community Centre.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

6 thoughts on “Stockton Billingham Technical College c1967

  1. The late Ken Parkin of Stockton-Billingham Technical College at Billingham. Two of his pupils in the mid 60s were the late Richard Griffiths (actor) and Franc (Fran) Rodham (film director). Franc Rodham lived at Norton at the time and Richard Griffiths at Thornaby.


    • Not forgetting
      Liz Estensen (Liver Birds – Tea Bag – Emmerdale et al)

      Mike Burns (Brittas Empire)

      Jim Stannage (Manchester Radio station DJ)
      All in the same year!


  2. In the early 1960’s Ken Parkin ran the Oxford academy of speech and drama in Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough. I used to go there each Friday night for speech training in late 1963. I also remember him from the Tech college, where I was attending night classes in 1964. If I remember right he committed suicide on waste land in the Malleable on Portrack Lane. A sad end.


  3. This picture can only have been taken from the roof of the Bowling Alley. Roy’s Furniture Store was set further back from the road and the two floors above were the twin and double bedrooms belonging to the Billingham Arms Hotel. It’s roof was slightly lower than the Bowling Alley.


  4. The tech was important for more than educational reasons. The theatre was a centre of culture and musical entertainment. I enjoyed being part of reviews, classical theatre and theatrical competitions in the 1960s. Does anyone remember Ken Parkin, the oh so camp drama lecturer. Bands both local and national on the weekends (I acted as DJ for Marc Bolan when T Rex played there in 1968). Its loss robbed the town of a major asset and a further erosion of the dreams that built Billingham in the post war period.


    • I attended Roseberry Juniors in the late 1950s/early 1960s and Mr Parkin would take us for drama. He always seemed a decent bloke.


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