RAF Thornaby ‘At Home Day’, 14 September 1957

This is a programme from the last airshow to be held at RAF Thornaby before the airfield finally closed in 1958. The attached images give a list of other aircraft which appeared on the day as well as a selection of adverts featuring local well-known companies and suppliers many of which are familiar names although not with us today.

Images and details courtesy of David Thompson.

4 thoughts on “RAF Thornaby ‘At Home Day’, 14 September 1957

  1. The centre picture shows a huge tank, made by the Malleable, intended for fuel storage. So the Malleable made more than pipes for the TransCanada pipeline! A large number of plates would have been used in its construction each needing high quality welding. Does anyone remember it?


  2. Great programme I used it previously when I wrote a history of this event from official records and newspaper accounts, published on Picture Stockton under title ‘RAF Thornaby-on-Tees 1946-1958’ and photo of ‘Vampire jets leaving Thornaby’ dated 20 Feb 2006. My account gives timings for aircraft flying over Thornaby and a list of static aircraft on display. There were few late changes that I have yet to comment on.


  3. I remember being taken to this event by my dad. I sat in the cockpit of a Jet fighter, but I was too young to remember what it was.


  4. Great stuff I went to a lot of the air displays in the fifties used to go to the airodrome lots of days as a child growing up in the fifties lived on lane house road good days


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