8 thoughts on “Any Ideas – Darlington Back Lane?

  1. We were taken by bus from Richard Hind to the adjacent football pitch once a fortnight. The changing room shed was similar to the one in the picture. Outside was a cold water tap, ideal for washing the mud off in the winter


  2. Fairly sure this is the farm I knew as Dougy Firbies between the Club and Carlton Lane Ends. It fell into disrepair in the fifties and completely demolished early sixties. Dougy went on to run several farms in the area.
    Most farms around the area were rented from the land owers as was Roseberry farm in the middle of what became Roeworth Estate, my Uncle Arthur Marsey ran it as a dairy farm before moving on to his own place near Hart Village.
    Many farms on the back lanes are now up for sale, they have to be large industrial farms to make a living, farming as I grew up with a mix of animals and agriculture are in the past.


  3. The buildings were part of a small holding on the approach from the Mile House to Bishopsgarth, on the right immediately before the old railway line. Was sold off for new houses a few years ago


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