Class Photograph, Bede Hall Billingham Campus c1966

t14822When you look through the pages of Picture Stockton Archive there is very little about my old school, Bede Hall Billingham Campus. In an attempt to remedy this I have dug out an old class photograph from March 1966. Now where did that 50 years go? I am but a callow youth of 15.

There are five of the young ladies whose names have slipped from my mind. Hopefully someone can fill in the gaps.

The names from left to right, starting with the back row, are a follows… Terry Reeves, Chris Clough , Alan Storr , Les Spedding , Pete Thomas , Chris Maughn , John Elliott , Paul Overton , Chris Hardy , Ken Keating , Eric Doyle and Roger Crowe.

The middle row again from left to right… Stella Rodgers, ??, Gillian Peevoir, Martin Birtle, Erik Brown, Barbara Nelson, ?? and Pauline Lapping.

And finally the front row from left to right… ??,  Ann Buck, Carole Smith, Pat Rennison, Mike Huckins, Dorothy Burnicle, ??, ?? and Pamela Mahon.

We all went our separate ways and with one or two exceptions I’ve never seen them again.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

One thought on “Class Photograph, Bede Hall Billingham Campus c1966

  1. Hey just come across this accidentally and recognised Dorothy Burnicle as I used to be in her dad Stan’s choir, Barbara Nelson from primary school and Pamela Mahon from school and Smith Jacques dancing school. We need to arrange a reunion from the class of 66. Regards Linda Parmella.


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