5 thoughts on “The Sadlers Hotel and the Windmill Pub c1970s

  1. The Windmill Pub 1959, I find this story amusing: Two men once had a fight in the back alley behind the Windmill Pub, one of them stamped on the others head and kicked him several time leaving him unconcious and badly injured, he was expected to die. The Evening Gazette reported on Page 1 that Thornaby Police were searching for the person who’d assaulted this man – who they were unable to trace. A month later I was in Robinsons Coffee bar, Thornaby, which adjoined Thornaby baths. A male person aged about 18 – 19? came in and started throwing his weight about and being a nuisance, in no time I was the target for his hate. Since, I liked Mr Robinson and his son? who owned this milk bar, I did not wish to be involved in a disturbance so said nothing and left. This character followed me outside looking for a fight, he caught up with me over the road near the Mayfair cinema, a fight occurred which lasted about 20 seconds. Anyone who knew me then will be able to second-guess what happened. Later, I learnt that this was the same man who’d kicked the other one almost to death behind the Windmill pub, and mentioned this to my mother, but thought no more about it.

    Lo and behold a few days later a Police Officer came to the door looking for me because this guy had complained to the Police that he’d been beaten up (by me) and he wanted me arrested? My mother explained to the Police Officer what had occurred and why, this Police Officer knew me as the quiet lad who walked the greyhounds, my mother informed this Officer that the complainant had a warrant out for his arrest for GBH – grievous bodily harm. A few days later the same Police Officer came back to the house to leave a message for me; saying he’d been arrested and I had to forget all about the complaint he’d lodged, he said words to the effect of “It appears to us he got what he deserved, so tell your Bob to forget all about it.” In its day Thornaby was a rough little town.


  2. Pity about the double exposure. There’s part of a figure midway outside the windmill.
    Those pubs had life running through them. Had many a Friday & Saturday night in them.


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